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Sacred Niches, Ibiza

Together with a internationally reknown architect we developed a new web presence and brand. We developed the brand, develop a graphic language, designed a logo and implemented a modern website based on WordPress, which the client can manage himself.

Rolf Blakstad, Ibiza

The architect Rolf Blakstad was born and raised in Ibiza. His parents, the Canadian actor Rolph Blakstad and his wife, Mary, arrived on the island in 1956. Rolf heads up the internationally renowned family firm, Rolf Blakstad Design Consultants, whose name is synonymous with the sensitive restoration of Ibiza’s architecture. He is Leading a millennial tradition into a contemporary lifestyle.

Mario Reiser, Mindfulness

Together with the internationally active mindfulness coach Mario Reiser, we developed a new web presence and brand. Our task as accompanying web agency was to design an appropriate brand, develop a graphic language, design a logo and implement a modern website based on WordPress, which the client can manage himself.

Ariyasom, Bangkok

Ariyasom Villa is a small, luxurious boutique hotel with only 24 guest rooms, a restaurant (Na Aroon), a Thai spa (Som Sen), a small function room, and a meditation hall.
The Ariyasom has been one of the most popular hotels in Bangkok and Tripadvisor’s No 1 of all hotels since opening in 2008. We were allowed to design a new website and all online marketing and implement it in spring 2023.

Richard Currall, Healer London

Richard Curall only discovered his gift following a near death experience at 17, while saving someone from drowning in Greece. Following this he found to his amazement that he could remove headaches very quickly. Then he also realised that his hands could feel the heat from any painful area of the body and as he sensed the area cool the pain would go. In his journey of self discovery he has had success treating even animals. This included the Queens horses at Buckingham Palace for the Golden Jubilee.

Sahari zanzibar

This is everything you dream of. It is the dream come true.
Warm, sunny days. Turquoise water stretching to the horizon. Soft, white sand between your toes. Carefree, carefree hours in a hammock on the beach, weaving dreams for the future. Balmy nights under the stars, your skin cooled by the sea breeze. Greeting the sun as it opens the day. Simply delicious meals prepared with love and served with a smile against the backdrop of the azure ocean.

HSH Princess Elikonida

“Born in Stuttgart with royal English, French and Austrian roots, I grew up in the idyllic Swabian Alb. The father was an entrepreneur, a visionary and Swabian patriarch of the war generation. Mother a cosmopolitan Swiss who traded in her profession as a teacher for a different life. And so it is little wonder that I, as an adopted child, also followed no general rules.”


In the course of this intensive workshop, you will answer an ultimately all-important question that will make the real potential and the “second reality” of your brand recognizable and unfoldable. Your brand will appear clearer and more unambiguous to you than ever before. I was allowed to design and implement a new WordPress website for Markensprint. In addition, we pursued the goal of bringing the new website on the first result ranks in google, which we also succeeded.